President Siilaanyo officially cuts the Ribbon on new Berbera Airport Terminal(Pics+Video)


Berbera Airport sheds off its old Military terminal tag to become the latest commercial airport in the Horn



President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Siilaanyo”, today, opened up the new Berbera International Airport to commercial flights use changing its old military tagline to one that is officially for commercial flights only.

The project included a 11-kilometer perimeter fence closing off livestock and people from the airport runway and terminals.

The terminal, built on a generous funding from the Sheikh Sabah Kuwaiti Fund, was unanimously declared of international standards by all the speakers and guests who attended the inaugural ceremony, including a Turkish diplomatic mission, high officers from neighboring Ethiopia who arrived on a special flight, Djibouti and Yemen.

Besides the First Lady, Amina Mohamoud Haj Jirde “Amina- Weris”, Somaliland Ministers for Aviation, Planning, Defense and Public Works accompanied His Excellency the President on this leg of the Presidents official visit to Sahel, which began with the airport event.

A number of parliamentarians, traditional l;eaders and the host regional officers, also attended, the ceremony.

According to the Minister of Aviation, the terminal costed  a little short of 4.5 million US Dollars. In recognition of the Kuwaiti contribution, the terminal was named “Kuwaiti Terminal of Berbera International Airport”.

The Berbera terminal closely follows a similar project partially concluded at Egal International Airport, Hargeisa.

Play the Video for more Highlights:



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